WSC unveiled the list of BoP for the TCR certified cars

WSC unveiled the list of BoP for the TCR certified cars

The Technical Department of WSC Group has published the Bulletin n.8/2020 that lists all the twenty-three TCR certified cars with all the technical values they have been allocated following the completion of the Balance of Performance procedures that have been delayed by the COVID-19 restrictions imposed by several European governments.

The list of the technical values includes: engine calibration, assigned ballast and ground clearance.

Looking at the Minimum Racing Weights, the heaviest model is the Lynk & Co 03 with 1,325kg, followed by the Hyundai Veloster N (1,315), Hyundai i30 N, Honda Civic Type R FK7, LADA Vesta Sport and CUPRA Leon Competición (all 1,305).

The highest ride height of 90mm has been allocated to both Hyundai models, while the smallest of 60mm to the Audi RS 3 LMS SEQ, CUPRA SEQ and Volkswagen Golf GTI SEQ.

As for the Engine Calibration column, it replaces the previous Engine Power Levels; the number in the acronym expresses the power using a scale of levels from 1 to 6 (from 90 to 102.5%) as per art. 6.4 of the TCR Technical Regulations, while the letter stands for the type of ECU: M for motorsport, C for common (only fitted in the CUPRA Leon Competición), R for roadgoing (used by the Audi, Volkswagen and old CUPRA models).

The bulletin may be downloaded here.

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